Insurance companies are not your friends. Though they may act like they have your best interests at heart in the beginning, they will try to take every last penny from you in the end. The Law Offices of Jacob B. Smith is highly skilled at dealing with the insurance industry. We will get you the money you deserve.

A Message From Jacob B. Smith

Attorney Jacob B. Smith is the founder of The Law Offices of Jacob B. Smith, the home office of which is located at the Wells Fargo Building in the heart of Tacoma, WA. 
A lifelong Washingtonian, Jacob loves spending time with his family fishing for salmon out in Puget Sound. Jacob is also a diehard Seahawks fan and you can catch him at many of the home games at Century Link Field every season.

Injuries can be devastating financially, physically, and most of all, emotionally. While many personal injury attorneys claim to be “client focused,” many personal injury clients find the process stressful and emotionally draining, all the while feeling left out on a limb by their attorneys. Often big personal injury firms engage in what is known in the industry as “flipping cases,” where the firm runs a type of “injury mill,” convincing their clients to take the first very low offer an insurance adjuster offers them. These firms make money on volume and nothing more. Any claim of being a “client first” law firm turns out to be nothing but a fairytale to the now disgruntled ex-client.

This is why I created the Law Offices of Jacob B. Smith. We play by an entirely different set of rules and values. Our goal is to treat our clients the way they deserve to be treated, never pressuring the clients to settle for less than they deserve and never over-promising just to get potential clients to sign up. To the contrary, we are very honest and upfront about the strengths and weaknesses of any given case and we always strive to set our clients up for the most success possible in each person’s individual situation. I believe an attorney’s reputation is his greatest asset and must be protected at all costs. That means that I will never promise things I honestly do not believe are possible and I will never sell my clients down the river to greedy insurance giants. That is my promise to you.
– Jacob B. Smith